We ask Schools who commit BULLYING must:

1. Attend an After School Program for bullies ( 1 week).
2. Complete ten (10) community services hours.


Our mission is to create awareness through the campaign where we promote positive values along with a tangible measure that would achieve a real change effectively. Our primary focus is to achieve that children and adolescents can enjoy a healthy environment and make their lives enjoyable within schools . The tools we use are entertainment and with this we awaken a passion in common between them where there are no differences but convergence. This common point is the enjoyment of music. Music is a tool that allows us to be relaxed where differences and forget right now where we are willing to accept these positive values to help implement change. Our goal covers children, adolescents, families, communities , state and build a better country.


To help create an atmosphere where children and adolescents feel safe to attend a school where they will not be abused or humiliated. Where, these children and sole scents are not afraid to share with their classmates; social life is normal, healthy and balanced while in school. Where children and adolescents can grow and learn to live with values such as respect, share, and accepting their classmates. That all children and adolescents believe their voice count just as much as any other; where they will say out loud with strength: “My Voice Counts”.


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